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Luke McLeod

| Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2024

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Luke McLeod

Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 March 2024

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  • To see the sunset behind the steeple Clontarf Castle, no King, Queen, or knightly people….
  • Fairview Park, situated near Clontarf Castle Hotel here in Dublin, serves as a haven for music enthusiasts and history buffs alike. During the vibrant month of June, the park transforms into a concert venue, providing an idyllic setting for guests staying at Clontarf Castle.

    Furthermore, Clontarf Castle itself boasts a storied music history, intertwined with iconic figures such as Thin Lizzy and the famous composer George Frideric Handel. This comprehensive exploration will delve into the allure of Fairview Park concerts, the captivating music history of the Castle, and the luxury experience offered here.

Fairview Park Venue & Clontarf Castle: A Perfect Symphony

Fairview Park concerts offer a harmonious melody, while Clontarf Castle provides the perfect encore for concert goers seeking a symphony of comfort and convenience. Situated outside the hustle and bustle of Dublin, the park provides a tranquil escape where attendees can immerse themselves in the sounds of music.

For concert goers visiting from outside Dublin, staying at Clontarf Castle Hotel offers the perfect opportunity to experience Fairview Park concerts and discover new parts of the city. Located nearby, the castle provides comfortable accommodation and easy access to the park, allowing guests to enjoy the concerts without the hassle of traveling far distances. 

Guests can take advantage of the castle’s free parking facilities and use Dublin Bus to travel from Clontarf Road to the concert venue entry point on the night of the concert.

Moreover, staying at Clontarf Castle also enables guests to explore other attractions and neighborhoods in Dublin. From historic landmarks to charming cafes and shops, there is plenty to discover beyond Fairview Park.

Whether it is strolling along the scenic Clontarf Promenade or exploring Dublin Bay, guests can embark on new adventures and create lasting memories during their stay at Clontarf Castle.

In essence, Fairview Park’s laid-back concert scene, combined with the convenience of staying at Clontarf Castle Hotel, offers travelers a unique opportunity to experience the best of both worlds—relaxing outdoor entertainment and exciting urban exploration in the vibrant city of Dublin.

    Fairview Park Concert History

    Although the park is in prime position just outside the city centre, it has not been a venue for all that long. The first concert only took place 2 years ago! Phoebe Bridgers played to a sold our Dublin crowd. The 2022 season saw Inhaler, Foals and Olivia Rodrigo also take the stage. 

    Last year, after the success of 2022, the number of gigs were increased. Although the weather conditions couldn’t be bettered. Ben Howard kicked off the Fairview Park summer series of shows. In a star studded line up, Becky Hill and the Coronas signed off the weekend.

    The following weekend, Dec Pierce’s Block Rockin Beats was the highlight of the line up, along with Aitch and The Prodigy. The 2023 season of shows at the park closed out with Tom Grennan and Cian Ducrot. 

      Fairview Park Concert Line Up 2024

      Fairview Park and Clontarf Castle beckon concert-goers to immerse themselves in the magic of music and experience the enchantment of Dublin’s cultural heritage.

      With five exciting concerts scheduled for June, it’s likely that there is still some surprises waiting for Irish fans. 

      The 2024 line up for Fairview Park included world pop sensation CMAT. The Crazymad for Me star headlines on the 13th of June. Legend of the dance scene, Fatboy Slim plays the following night. A huge return for The Coronas on June 15th brings the curtain down on the Dublin 3 music venue for the weekend. 

      The ‘Setting of the Sum’ stops off in Fairview as Sum 41 play a farewell show. This June 19th concert will be the last show for the group in Ireland. Swedish sensation Zara Larsson, takes to the stage in Fairview on June 21st. This Friday night gig looks set to be a sell out. On Saturday 22nd, it’s time for Two Door Cinema Club. I can’t tell what you know, but we know that this Belfast indie rock band is sure to have the crowd hopping around! 

      Another Irish rock band headlines the park on June 29th as The Saw Doctors take the bus route across the N17 all the way to Dublin City Centre for a massive show. London born legend Loyle Carner brings his newest album across the water. His huge outdoor show on June 30th draws the curtain on gigs in Fairview for 2024. 

      There’s no better time to visit Fairview Park and create unforgettable memories against the backdrop of live music and historical charm.

        What you need to know about going to a gig in Fairview

        The park is very accessible from public transport. The nearest Dart station is Clontarf Road, which is also the closest station to the Castle. If you are coming from north Dublin or the city centre. This would be the most convenient route to take. 

        The Castle is served by bus routes to Fairview Park. The 130, operated by Dublin Bus stops on Castle avenue, but also goes from Talbot Street in the city centre. Making this bus a great option for both directions of travel. You can find the bus times on the Dublin Bus website. 

        Driving to the venue is not advised, however if you must, expect parking delays and a lot of unavailable spaces on the day of the concert. Extra security measures may be in place, meaning that some streets and areas may be closed to traffic. Ensure you have left sufficient time for this method of transport. 

        Like all outdoor venues, you cannot bring garden furniture, selfie sticks, professional cameras, backpacks, glass bottles or sharp pointed umbrellas. There is no storage facilities at the concert so be prepared to hold everything that you bring with you. Always allow for additional time at the venue for inspection of any bags you bring. 

        The venue has assisted viewing platforms for additional needs along with accessible toilets in designated areas. Concert-goers will have their pick of places to eat, with a ring of food trucks all lined up inside the venue. Fairview also has a number of casual and fast-food places to eat on your way to the venue. You can opt for an early meal at the Knights Bar in Clontarf Castle with all day dining from 12pm. 

        The venue also has a number of bars on site, these of course have strict security checks. Bring an Age Card with you to ensure you enjoy the park events to the fullest! 

          Time to explore Clontarf Castle’s Music Legacy

          Clontarf Castle, steeped in history, boasts a rich musical legacy that adds to its allure as a cultural landmark in Dublin. One of the castle’s notable connections to music history is the iconic song “The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle” by Thin Lizzy pays homage to the castle’s legacy and its place in Irish folklore.
          Additionally, Clontarf Castle has ties to the renowned composer George Frideric Handel.
          In 1742, Handel performed his iconic oratorio “Messiah” at the castle, marking a historic moment in Dublin’s musical heritage. The performance of “Messiah” at Clontarf Castle garnered widespread acclaim, further solidifying the castle’s reputation as a hub of artistic excellence.

          The Wrap Up

          Fairview Park and Clontarf Castle Hotel offer a harmonious fusion of music, history, and luxury in the heart of Dublin. Whether attending a concert in June, exploring the castle’s musical heritage, or indulging in a pampering stay at the castle, guests can embark on a musical journey that transcends time and leaves a lasting impression. 

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