Freshly Brewed: Best Coffee Shops in Clontarf

Luke McLeod

| Last Updated: Friday, 19 January 2024

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Luke McLeod

Last Updated: Friday, 19 January 2024

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  • Clontarf has long been known for it’s beautiful surrounds, sea swims and the locals passion for quality food. What’s also commonly known is that with great food, usually comes lovely coffee. The espresso experience in a number of these incredible coffee shops in Clontarf is second to none. 
  • If you can find a table outside one of our favourites you’re in luck. Sit back and people watch while discussing the smell of the specialty coffee in your cup. There’s also plenty of places serving flavoursome food and sweet treats with your organic coffee choice.  

Surge Coffee 

If you’re looking a dog friendly café that serves speciality coffee and delicious baked treats with a sea view. Surge Coffee is your answer. SURGE will frequently change their roasted fairtrade coffee with various independent Irish Coffee roasters such as ‘Farmhand’, ‘Never a Days Trouble’ and many more. After 5pm this vibrant cafe turns into a chill Wine bar, offering bright and vibrant wines and luxurious charcuterie boards.

What you can expect at Surge

– Great Coffee Knowledge & Wine Expertise
– Friendly Staff
– Sea View
– Dog Friendly
– Greenville Deli Toasties
– Artisanal Baked Pastries
– Modern feel

Ebb & Flow

A water facing neighbourhood Café that offers amazing Full Circle roasters coffee, made in-house toasties, and baked treats. Their welcoming staff offer you a space perfect for a catch-up chat with friends, post sea dip or a leisurely stroll, a place to unwind and peel back pages of the book you’re immersed in

What you can expect at Ebb & Flow

– Neighbourhood Style
– Amazing Staff
– Sea View
– Toasties and Baked Treats
– Perfect for a Post Sea Dip or Stroll
– Homely


    Fuelling the community, one cup at a time in the centre of Clontarf Village. This pitstop café’s aim is to empower the local community with wonderful coffee menu and a mouth-watering lunch option. From Sweet Granola pots to Breakfast burritos to a fan favourite Nduja Chicken Toastie. Fuel is perfect for a quick grab and go while having a leisurely stroll or for a quick step out of the workspace lunch break.

    What you can expect at Fuel

    – Take-Away
    – Great Location
    – Mouth-Watering Lunch Menu

      The Knights Bar

      The Engine room. Step into the warmth of Knight’s Bar, nestled within the historic Clontarf Castle. Unwind in a welcoming space, Sip on a coffee as the chatter echoes and the rich history of the castle. Immerse yourself in the charm of genuine hospitality, making every visit to Knight’s Bar a delightful retreat in the heart of Clontarf Castle.

      What you can expect at Knights Bar

      – Historic Castle Setting
      – Warming Atmosphere
      – Exceptional Hospitality 

        Brew Coffee

        This Raheny staple café is becoming a Clontarf favourite. Brew Coffee have recently opened their second café just 9 minutes’ walk from the Castle in a cosy wooden cabin outside Clontarf GAA Club.

        This Dog friendly Café serves up Greenville Deli Toasties and 3fe coffee (a Dublin staple roaster for those who know). The location of this Café is nestled around schools which perfect for parents to arrive a little bit early and enjoy a coffee before school bells ring.

        What you can expect at Brew

        – School Run
        – Dog Friendly
        – Good to the last drop
        – Outdoor seating

          Happy Out

          A café that goes hand in hand with sea swims, located at the end of the Bull Wall. Happy Out café is a place that heats up your heart, soul and body with delicious toasties, aromatic ‘Roasted Brown roasters’ coffee, lovely breakfast bites, pastries, and an array of cakes following an encounter with the cold Irish sea. A great area to look out to the Dunes, Poolbeg chimneys, and Irish sea.

          What you can expect at Happy Out

          – Amazing Location
          – The ‘go to’ Post swim café.
          – Warming Lunch Menu
          – Kids Menu

            Bold & Brass

            A neat Coffee trailer that has one goal in mind, to serve beautiful coffee with a sustainable twist. Located on Clontarf seafront, a lovely setting to watch the lapping waters of Dublin Bay. Bold & Brass have been trend setters in being kind to the environment by introducing edible coffee cups to the Island of Ireland with a huge response that many other coffee shops have followed suit.

            What you can expect at Bold & Brass

            – Take-Away
            – Sustainability
            – Seafront
            – Dog Friendly
            – Innovative

              The Wrap Up

              While you may hear Dublin as being “Home of the Black Stuff”, but that isn’t coffee. We do have incredible cafes serving some of the best shots of espresso, along with Latte’s, Flat Whites & Cappuccinos. 

              Clontarf Cafes are plentiful, and if you look further afield, you are sure to find many other places. The Knight’s bar at Clontarf Castle proudly serves Bewley’s blend, roasted in county Dublin. We also have quality food offerings to pair with tasteful coffee.

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