• Clontarf Castle Hotel is delighted to receive the Green Hospitality Award Eco-label. This was achieved by introducing an Environmental Action Plan focusing on Energy, Waste and Water Management. The castle’s main aim is to reduce carbon emissions by reducing energy consumption, preserve water resources and minimise waste production. Their ongoing commitment to this programme will mean that Green Hospitality Awards are next on the agenda!
  • This Eco-label was achieved as part of The Green Hospitality Programme, the only Irish developed environmental certification standard for the hospitality sector. This title is recognised both nationally and internationally as a standard that allows members to achieve good environmental performance and allows visitors to choose “Greener” hospitality businesses knowing that defined criteria are being implemented and monitored.
  • General Manager of the hotel, Jason Ormston said “Clontarf Castle Hotel is committed to environmental leadership within our community. We are dedicated to working towards sustainable tourism in Ireland. The Green Hospitality Programme is a welcome one as we believe guests are becoming more environmentally responsible, without wanting to reduce the quality or enjoyment of their visit”
  • Other issues looked at within Clontarf Castle are recycling. The hotel has recently undertook partnership with environmentally friendly company Bord na Mona – Advanced Environmental Solutions where reports are issued and targets are set to help ensure that Clontarf Castle remains on the road to a “Greener environment”.This Dublin Hotel is always on the look-out for new schemes or ideas that are environmentally friendly and will benefit the generation of the future TIFCO Group Ltd have just released the first Philip’s 7 watt MasterLed energy bulb in Ireland, this bulb is unique and will save Clontarf Castle and it’s sister properties, Crowne Plaza Northwood, Blanchardstown and Dundalk literally a lot of time and energy. With Philips, cutting-edge MASTERLED Lamps, it is now possible to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs without compromising on light quality and ambiance. So choosing responsible lighting has never been easier!
  • Up to 80% energy saving!
  • Long lifetime (45,000 hours: average lifetime).
  • No UV or IR Radiation.
  • CO2 Saving in KG 453,083 this is the big one for the planet.

As well as all of this, Enva Food service Solutions, has just completed the installation of its first cooking oil containment systems at Clontarf Castle Hotel. Made by Frontline International Inc, the cooking oil containment system allows new and used cooking oil to be stored in separate bulk tanks adjacent to the kitchen. There are a number of set-up options that enable the oil to be pumped directly to and from the kitchen fryers which according to Carey Baxter, Manager at Enva Foodservice Solutions, can greatly assist in making restaurants and catering facilities safer, more environmentally friendly and more cost-efficient. He points that: “The use of a cooking oil containment system helps to eliminate the carrying of heavy new oil as well as potentially hot waste oil containers, and therefore significantly reduces the potential for spillages and accidents within the workplace. In addition, the cooking oil containment system will help increase of efficiency and productivity in the kitchen area, by minimising fryer down-time, as employees will no longer have to unload, store and empty bulky oil containers”. Clontarf Castle Hotel is surely on the road to becoming one of the most efficient, pro-active hotels in Dublin when it comes to ensuring the future of our environment for years to come.