Top Wedding Photography Ideas and Locations near Clontarf Castle

Luke McLeod

| Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 February 2024

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Luke McLeod

Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 February 2024

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  • As a bride or groom, your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life. From the ceremony to the reception, every minute and candid moment is precious and deserves to be captured with beautiful photography.
  • That is why choosing the perfect location for your wedding photos is crucial. Luckily, if you are having your wedding at Clontarf Castle, there are some stunning natural locations nearby that will make the perfect backdrop for your family shots (and will not have your guests waiting too long to get back to the party).

Wedding Photos on Howth Head

Just a short drive from the castle, you will find the charming seaside town of Howth. With its rolling hills, quaint harbour, and stunning cliff walks, Howth provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Imagine taking a romantic stroll along the pier, your wedding photographer capturing the candid moments of you and your loved one with the picturesque sea in the background. Perhaps you’d prefer to take some photos on the iconic Howth Summit, basking in the light of the rising sun with its breathtaking views of Dublin Bay. Whichever spot you choose, you can be sure that your photos will be nothing short of stunning.

    Capture the married couple at Malahide Castle

    For an extra touch of regal elegance in your wedding photos, pay a visit to Malahide. A village that is home to the magnificent Malahide Castle, a 12th-century castle with sprawling gardens, woodlands, and lake.

    Choose from the iconic castle façade, the scenic gardens, or the charming walled rose garden for your wedding photoshoot. If you are lucky enough, you might even spot peacocks roaming around the castle grounds, making for a unique and memorable photo opportunity for your wedding album.

    Speak with your wedding photographer to make sure your shot list gets covered with candid shots, family pictures, couple photos and some creative shots of the couple with bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

      Share a beautiful moment at St. Anne’s Park

      Just a stone’s throw from Clontarf Castle, St. Anne’s Park stands as a hidden gem, offering diverse backdrops for your wedding photos that blend nature and architecture seamlessly.

      St. Anne’s Park features secret gardens, tree-lined avenues, woodlands, and a Rose Garden available for exclusive rental, promising an unforgettable photoshoot steeped in history and natural beauty. St. Anne’s Park is the perfect location for those who want to capture landscape shots on their big day. 

      Notably, the park has ties to the Guinness family, renowned for their brewing empire, originally owned by Arthur Guinness.

        The wedding party gather around the bride and grrom in the Rose Garden at St. Anne's Park

        Bask in an intimate moment at Dollymount

        For a more relaxed and natural setting, Dollymount and Bull Island is the place to be. This sandy beach offers panoramic views of Dublin Bay and provides the perfect blank canvas for your photos. The soft sand, rolling waves, sandy dunes and grassy plains provide a natural and untouched background which will create a dreamy atmosphere for your photographer to capture those special moments.

          A bride and groom gaze into each others eyes as they stand on the wooden bridge to Bull island, with the red and white poolbeg chimneys in the background

          Clontarf Castle on Your Wedding Day

          Last but certainly not least, do not forget about the beautiful Clontarf Castle itself, with its traditional architecture and historic charm, the castle provides a stunning backdrop for indoor and outdoor wedding photos.

          From the elegant staircase to the picturesque courtyard, there are endless opportunities for capturing your special moments within the castle walls. Capture classic shots and the emotional moments of the big day. 

            A man in a suit and another in a kilt stand hand in hand at the exterior of Clontarf Castle, the stand on a red carpet as they enter into a civil ceremony

            Our favourite shots to capture

            We’ve hosted and celebrated our fair share of beautiful weddings, and have first hand experience of the best pictures of the bride and groom, and their family. Here are our top 5 must have photos of your big day.

            The First Look
            Maybe not a tradition common in Ireland yet, the first look is when the Bride and Groom see each other before the ceremony. It’s usually captured between just the couple, away from their family and the ceremony. A truly unique and wholesome moment captured on film. 

            The Champagne Shot
            Cava, prosecco or champagne. It’s not what’s in the bottle, it’s who is around it as they say. The champagne shot is a light hearted and funny picture at weddings. Have the wedding party huddle around the happy couple as they pop a bottle of bubbly and let the good times roll. 

            The Hard Flash
            Not what you may think, the Hard Flash is when the wedding photographer uses an overly powerful flash for in portraits. This casts shadows and grain, ultimately leading to an overexposed image. You may ask, why would I want shadows, grain and overexposure? Well it looks authentic, you want that real feel to some of your images. 

            A Spin and Twirl
            Everybody knows that the dancefloor will be filled with couples after the first dance. Have your photographer capture some pics of spins and twirls. If your dress flows in the air as you swing to the tunes from the band, then all the better!

            The Last Dance
            Similar to the Spin and Twirl, ensuring that you have a couple of pictures of the Last Dance are crucial to end this list. While we doubt the wedding photographer will still be there at 2am, it’s a good idea to take some pictures yourself to cherish these lovely moments of your big day. 

              A man and woman look adorningly at each other on the grand stair case inside Clontarf Castle Hotel on their wedding day

              Explore the Castle for yourself

              Discover exactly what Clontarf Castle has to offer at the wedding showcase. Each showcase offers the happy couple the opportunity to explore the intricate design of the castle. Listening to the creative ideas for amazing photos with a range of family dynamics. You can also meet with the team to discuss the finer details of your big day at our beautiful venue. 

              At the wedding showcase, you will meet with wedding photographers from the area, and they will give you hints and creative touches on finding the best photographers for your big day. Ensuring the perfect shots of the Bride & Groom requires natural and artificial lighting, both of which can be made available on the day. 

                The Wrap Up

                In conclusion, the surrounding areas of Clontarf Castle provide an array of scenic locations that serve as the perfect canvas for your wedding photoshoot. These enchanting backdrops not only enhance the beauty of your photographs but also serve as a testament to the timeless love and joy that fills your wedding day.

                So, as you prepare to say, “I do,” embrace the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime against the backdrop of these stunning landscapes and historic treasures. Candid photos of the fabulous couple as they hold hands during their first dance, to stunning shots for family photos. Our spaces for magical moments and celebrations are perfect for your big day. 

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